Published by Lorie Duff | MARCH 2020

Lorie Duff Canadian Horse Trainer

Featured Canadian Headlining Clinician for the “Art of the Horseman” 2020 Online Fair “Because of the Horse”

There are so many times these days we can get carried away with so many different options and ideas of what to do in several aspects of our lives, including our horsemanship and what we want to achieve with our equine partners.  

Always start with the positive first !! Without too much effort try and look back to see what are some of the “Real Things” you have enjoyed learning or experiencing in your journey of horsemanship up to now ?  Now take a few moments and realize there is also some things you have learned or experienced that you either didn’t really enjoy or could have done without ! 

This also happens in life in so many aspects of our day to day.  What we are experiencing, as we all continue to learn more about ourselves and our horses helps us become better people tomorrow !

I was recently asked to be a clinician for the Art of the Horseman, Because of the Horse online fair 2020 ! I am honoured to be a part of this event with so many other great clinicians and educators that have many gifts to share and to help us all become better for the Horse !  

In today’s “newer way of learning” we are all experiencing things at different times.  I encourage you all to always  ” Find a better way” for the betterment of yourself and your horse”.

When we are  “In the Moment” with our horses,  we make ourselves more accountable for the outcome, so let’s try and look for that with ourselves and in our learning.

Let’s all try and be very “In the Moment” now with ourselves and be aware of what is happening around us.  That will leave us more time to help someone else out that may need it. Help them to also  “Find a Better Way”  your family, friends and horses will thank you for it !

Remember to always stay safe and warm ! 

Warmly, Lorie Duff Horsemanship ~ “Ride Together”


Learning to Let Go !

Published by Lorie Duff | January 8th, 2020

Canadian Horse Trainer Lorie Duff

Most times we try to start the new year with happy and positive ideas !

Getting motivated can often be difficult, especially here in parts of Canada where it can get quite cold.  But trying to find our way out of the mindset of just getting outside and working can take some encouragement.

This can also apply to your horses and your horsemanship. Whether you are ready to get motivated to “try and find a better way” or to improve your already advanced riding skills, the mindset of just getting started somewhere can take some encouragement.

Try and encourage others, whether it’s a friend or family member that would like to start the year off by eating healthy, and trying a healthier lifestyle. Try and give them your attention and your support.  Encourage each other everyday.

With your horsemanship, try the same ! Encourage family, friends and other riders ! Give them your attention and your support, point out some good positive ideas and goals to start the year !

Your family, friends and horses will thank you for it !

Remember as you start the year, to always stay safe and warm ! 

Warmly, Lorie Duff Horsemanship ~ “Ride Together”