Learning to Let Go !

Published by Lorie Duff | January 8th, 2020

Canadian Horse Trainer Lorie Duff

Most times we try to start the new year with happy and positive ideas !

Getting motivated can often be difficult, especially here in parts of Canada where it can get quite cold.  But trying to find our way out of the mindset of just getting outside and working can take some encouragement.

This can also apply to your horses and your horsemanship. Whether you are ready to get motivated to “try and find a better way” or to improve your already advanced riding skills, the mindset of just getting started somewhere can take some encouragement.

Try and encourage others, whether it’s a friend or family member that would like to start the year off by eating healthy, and trying a healthier lifestyle. Try and give them your attention and your support.  Encourage each other everyday.

With your horsemanship, try the same ! Encourage family, friends and other riders ! Give them your attention and your support, point out some good positive ideas and goals to start the year !

Your family, friends and horses will thank you for it !

Remember as you start the year, to always stay safe and warm ! 

Warmly, Lorie Duff Horsemanship ~ “Ride Together”