Healing Thoughts



Gently soothe the pain of a loss in your life with healing thoughts and inspiration.

With soft insights and an open heart, Barbra Schulte shares the thoughts that helped her heal her broken heart after the loss of her 16-year old son, Zane to bone cancer in a powerful little book.

No matter what kind of loss you have endured, her words will open your heart. You will be comforted in knowing you are never alone in your grief … and you will be encouraged to heal in your own way and in your own time. You will be given perspectives to supportĀ  you in your own personal healing journey.

And if you love horses, there are exquisite black and white images of horses throughout the book to remind you that horses can be a powerful source of healing inspiration.

“Healing Thoughts” also contains journal pages so you may note your thoughts as you progress through the messages.


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