The Gift



72 Tools and Tips to Give You the Help You Need to Gain Riding Confidence and Overcome Your Riding Fears

THE GIFT is a treasure chest of powerful mental strategies to help recreational and competitive riders accomplish their riding dreams with confidence, ease and fun.

If you have ever experienced any of the following, you will find solutions within THE GIFT:

  • Anxiety on your horse
  • Worry about your mistakes or your horse’s errors
  • Difficulty staying focused
  • Worry about other people’s opinions
  • Difficulty recovering from a horse accident
  • Fear of performing poorly under pressure

THE GIFT includes these powerful solutions:

  • Getting in touch with yourself and your unique desires and talents
  • Building great relationships with the people and horses in your life
  • Learning real life strategies to boost your overall confidence
  • Mining the unlimited power of mental focusing techniques
  • Turning tough times into treasures
  • Training positive emotions within

This book is divided into nine sections. Each section contains individual messages packed with practical, powerful ideas and tips that are easy to implement into your riding. The messages are easy to read. Because each stands alone, you can read them in any order. Start at the front and read all the way through, or use the table of contents to locate the topics that address your personal needs. This book will empower your riding.


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