Training and Horsemanship

Horses and owners learning together

Lorie’s favourite thing to do is training horses and educating horse owners to help them achieve their desired goals with their equine partners.  It’s what she wants to provide all of her clients. Whether you have a younger horse that you require to be started with a great foundation of horsemanship, or a horse that you want to get restarted, or just want to fine tune the horses already great skills she can help.

She works closely with her students and their equine partners to strive for a successful partnership for a long term relationship.  Lorie can help establish a foundation of basics, improve already formed skills or help discover new approaches to achieving your end results. Please contact us for more details.

Lorie has done an absolutely fantastic job with Hershey.  He is soft in hand, willing to try anything he is asked and has an amazing attitude when it comes time to work.  Lorie is helping me create my bomb-proof dressage horse, who knows how to mind his manners. This guy’s future is so bright!

Sylvia R.

This picture was taken in February 2018.  2, coming 3 year old Hershey was introduced to the tarp for the first time,