Lorie & Titan will be Co-Starring with the Canadian Cowgirls at this year's Calgary Stampede

Lorie and Titan will be Co staring with the Canadian Cowgirls Rodeo Drill Team
Lorie Duff and Titan will bring a “new meaning to Liberty” make sure to join them for the “first ever … drill team and Liberty combo” will be an amazing event !
Lorie’s Philosophy is grounded on Trust ~ Respect. These elements remain a constant across all areas and levels of her coaching and training and are grounded in clear consistent communication.
Come out and meet Lorie and Titan during this wonderful family event
The Liberty Performance that will surely not disappoint and will entertain everyone and all ages !
Liberty Lane Farm

Liberty Lane Farm

Lorie Duff at RCMP Sunset Ceremonies

Lorie and Titan at the RCMP Sunset Ceremonies in Ottawa, June 2016.

Lorie Duff  ~  Ride Together!

Liberty Lane Farm is a small farm, owned and operated by Lorie Duff.

Lorie Duff is a professional horsewoman, mentor and equine educator.

Born and raised in Newfoundland, she now operates from Liberty Lane Farm in Eastern Ontario. Lorie has held Newfoundland Equestrian Association (NEA) Championship titles in five separate divisions and is a recipient of both the NEA Horsemanship and NEA Sportsmanship Awards.

Whether you are in the show ring or new to horses, communication, respect and trust will remain a constant as you ride together!

Bring your questions! Lorie takes a genuine pleasure in the success of others and considers helping others succeed is the only true gauge of her own success. 

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