Some Kind Words !

from participants around the world !

There a few of those “Moments” in our life that are beyond measure. For me this weekend held many.
I first met this unbelievely talented lady last year when I took her clinic on a whim. I was so impressed by how she connected horse and rider that one day turned into two. We were blessed to ride with her again this weekend.
Now SEVEN and LEAD will be the words that bring me back where I need to be. Many believe they are trainers but few are true HORSEMEN. Lorie is one of the true. If you ever get the opportunity to meet and ride with her, grab it, you won’t be sorry

Leeza Anaka-Pierson

Cochrane, Alberta

“I attended a Lorie Duff Horsemanship Clinic in March 2018. Lorie used trust, respect, and commitment to create a true partnership.

For the past few months I had been researching more about Liberty and Natural horsemanship. Before attending the clinic, Lorie answered all of my questions and was so friendly and helpful through our contact. At the clinic, I was blown away by her ability to work with a such a diverse group of owners and horses. It seemed that everyone who participated, whether with their horse or auditing, went away excited and eager to put their new knowledge to use. I look forward to following Lorie’s amazing journey and plan on attending as many clinics as possible! I can’t say enough about my experience. Thank you so much Lorie.”  ~ Riley Denelle

Riley Denelle

Brockville, Ontario

“Have had the best week with Heidi working with the new Liberty Techniques I’ve learned from Lorie Duff.. Lorie, thank you! Amazing,, I just can’t say enough about how much it has changed our relationship in just over a week. Lorie is one AMAZING trainer!!!!” ~ Sharon Mann

Sharon Mann

Kingston, Ontario

“Lorie has done an absolutely fantastic job with Hershey.  He is soft in hand, willing to try anything he is asked and has an amazing attitude when it comes time to work.  Lorie is helping me create my bomb-proof dressage horse, who knows how to mind his manners. This guy’s future is so bright!” ~ Sylvia Robbins

Sylvia Robbins

Ottawa, Ontario